Our Team


Harvard Collection Services was established in 1982, and has built a global reputation for outstanding performance in Accounts Receivables Management and quality customer service.  The company is headquartered in Chicago.  We are licensed where required throughout the US.

As part of the Eli Global Group, we are a boutique firm backed by the resources of a $100,000,000 organization, providing us with the financial ability to support operations, invest in leading edge software, and meet increasingly tougher compliance mandates.

It’s a new world today where data security is every bit as important as recovery optimization. At Harvard our systems, procedures, and processes make us a security leader as we deliver superior bottom line performance to our clients.

We pride ourselves on being easy to work with…that means offering a very high level of customer service, providing clients with real time reporting and answers they need the moment they need them.

The combination of bottom line results, state-of-the-art data security, deep understanding of CFPB and other compliance requirements, and industry-leading customer care is a powerful combination of value that lays at the foundation of Harvard’s many long-term client relationships.