Our Markets

Our clients range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, as wells as government agencies. To assure maximum productivity, your business is evaluated and assigned to a unit based on their training and expertise.

At Harvard Collection Services, we serve the following markets:

Financial results and patient relationships: We build both for our Healthcare clients.

Harvard Collection Services has more experience in medical collections than most agencies, with a 30 year track record and more than $500,000,000 collected. Many of our clients have been with Harvard for more than 20 years. We are consistently ranked #1 by medical practices that utilize multiple agencies to collect delinquent accounts. Our collection percentages are well above national averages and we return more to our clients—up to 45% in some cases.

Healthcare Network

Harvard has a dedicated in-house team of highly skilled medical collections specialists who are backed by powerful software designed to meet the needs of healthcare collections. For example, our people have instant online access to insurance providers and public aid systems with immediate information about patient eligibility and benefits. We also have state of the art technology
for skip tracing, so we can locate patients who owe you money.

  • Regular In/Patient, Out/Patient Collections
  • Third Party Payer Resolution
  • Commercial Insurance, Medicare/Medicaid Recovery
  • Personal Injury & Workmen’s Compensation Recovery
  • First Party – Transparent or as an extension of Patient Accounts
  • Special Project Billing, Collection and A/R Clean-Up
  • Physician Services: Billing and Collection

Upholding your Reputation

For hospitals, physicians and private clinics, Harvard Collection Services offers advantages that go beyond financial productivity. Our account representatives know the value of your reputation so they are exceptionally sensitive to patient needs.

Our collections service is designed to provide a cost-effective method of turning your receivables into cash as quickly as possible, while maintaining your goodwill and reputation with the customers you serve. With this service, your outstanding accounts receivables are recovered early in the revenue cycle thereby decreasing your volume of bad debt.

At Harvard, we invest in our people, processes, and technologies to assure timely and effective communication with your patients/debtors and/or their guarantors.

Our program is flexible and tailored to meet your needs. Harvard Collections Services has the expertise and experience to provide the following collection services:

  • Recovery for Self-Pay Debtors – We provide billing services to act as a transparent extension of your business office. All written correspondence with your debtors will be on your letterhead. We can customize our mailings to meet your needs. A toll-free number is provided on the letter directing the debtor/guarantor to a Harvard representative who will respond to any questions or inquiries. Our representatives follow-up on the letters with outbound calls with the goal of collecting all monies due to you prior to the bad debt stage. Based on the your criteria for categorizing accounts as bad debt, we can forward any uncollected receivables to Harvard’s Collection unit or to another bad debt collection agency of your choice.
  • Insurance Recovery (for healthcare clients) – We follow-up with Commercial and Government payors on your behalf for recovery of monies, including under-payments, denials, and non-payments.
  • Payment Plans – Harvard sets up, administers, and monitors payment plans for debtors that are not able to pay balance in full
  • Charity Eligibility Screening (for healthcare clients) – Harvard can scrub medical self-pay accounts for eligibility for Federal and State assistance programs.

With Government agencies finding themselves more and more accountable for financial results and maintaining good relations with citizens, they have come to count on Harvard Collection Services’ specialized capabilities.

Proven Productivity
We have consistently generated high liquidation rates for clients at the federal, state, county, and municipal levels, and we are a certified GSA contractor.

“Their work in collecting delinquent tax liabilities has been excellent and their productivity is better than other agencies.  All of Harvard’s staff demonstrates an attitude of cooperation and that of providing quality service to their customers.  Their collection methods are conducted in a firm, but professional manner, and our department is highly satisfied with their work.”

-Collections Manager for a Department of Revenue

Government Specialty Unit

Our financial productivity comes from a dedicated unit within Harvard Collection Services – debt professionals with a specialized working knowledge of government needs.  Initial and ongoing training keeps them up to date on:

  • The complex regulatory requirements for government agency collections
  • The different processes and procedures for different kinds of debt: Individual and Business Tax; Child Support; Parking Ticket Collection; Municipal Water Bills; etc.
  • Other issues/ subject matter pertaining to government

Since deregulation, explosive growth has created big opportunities for telecom providers…and big debt problems. Harvard Collection Services has been providing services to the major telecommunications providers for well over two decades, and consistently ranked among the top of receivables management firms in this industry.

“Your collectors have blown away some of the most competitive agencies in the business and I cannot thank them enough…The other agencies call me at month’s end and say, How did Harvard do?”  

– Agency Manager for a long distance phone company

Dedicated to Telecom Debt Problems
We have dedicated a specialized business unit for collecting on residential and commercial debt for the telecom industry.
These team members are especially trained to negotiate, collect, and still keep satisfied customers for our clients.  Initial and ongoing training assures that team members understand and can manage issues specific to the telecommunications business:

  • FCC rules and regulations
  • Telephone, as well as Wireless and Internet services
  • Slamming and unauthorized switching of services
  • First-party outsourcing (acting as your agent)

Technology for Efficiency
Our system is flexible – it works seamlessly with yours to assure smooth, efficient operation.
Our processes are scalable and capable of handling the enormous volume needs of our telecommunications clients.

At Harvard Collection Services, we take pride in the many financial services clients who have trusted us with their collection needs over the years.
Creditors across the country are experiencing an escalating amount of bad debt. This has led to a greater demand for the effective collection of delinquent accounts, late fees, over-limit fees and other obligations.

Improving recovery rates while keeping costs down is a challenge for creditors.  Harvard Collection Services has helped numerous financial clients enhance their debt collection results with our trained collectors, efficient processes, and advanced technology.

Our firm will locate and contact your customers in a persistent, but professional manner.  Our collectors work with the debtors to satisfy their overdue responsibilities to you with dignity.

Working nationwide with creditors large and small, we structure programs based on client recovery targets, the local regulatory environment and client policy guidelines.  Our specialties include:

  • Bank Cards
  • Retail Cards
  • Commercial Loans
  • Leases
  • Mortgages
  • Auto Loans
  • NSF Check Recovery

Providing Accounts Receivable Management Services to Regulated and Deregulated Utility Companies

Harvard Collection Services provides a full suite of accounts receivable management (ARM) services for both regulated and deregulated utility companies. With over 30 years of experience, Harvard has been able to leverage our industry knowledge to help you improve your bottom line while increasing customer retention.

Services Offerings:

  • Early stage collections/Reminder calls ( First Party Collections) pre-disconnect
  • Third party collections/ Recovery post-disconnect
  • Payment arrangements
  • Early stage proactive credit contacts
  • Medical certifications
  • LIHEAP and CAP calls